040618 Monero-Fork XMR Stak XMR RIG

In this video

040618 – In This Video….
Monero hard fork in about 6 hours.

You will need to update your XM-Rig in AwesomeMiner and in my case xmr-stak on my linux machines within 6 hours.

Applause to Monero for kicking Bitmain and other Asic control freaks in the privates!

Together we share the knowledge and grow more profitable!

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Driver Installed Nvidia 391.35 + Cuda 9.1-3 Patches
No extra just drivers.
GPU-Z TechPowerUp GPU-
MSI AfterBurner
Nvidia Profile Inspector
Nvidia Inspector

Cards 2x Zotac GTX1060-3GB 1 in “10” machine running AweSomeMiner Remote Agent. 1 In main PciE slot on mainboard of duo core 2.4PC (HP)(Old as in shipped with Vista) – 8 GB Ram – Swap set to Custom 8GB-16384
1 x GTC 1070 Gigagyte Windforce
1x Zotac GTX1050Ti – Remote Agent to Living Room Netflix PC (also ex Vista era)

Prices on Coins got you down?
FUD is over whelming?
Put this video on repeat for as long as it takes and watch the FUD scroll by….

Feel free to upload your rig videos to your youtube channel or email me and I can repost them here!

I am a coffee junkie 😀 So if you would like to buy me a coffee ….or mine me one ….

BTC (NiceHash account so I can show your stats 🙂 – send me a message so I know it was you!
Dave’s Nephew the 13 year old Minor Miner with the 1050Ti mining NiceHash

Exchanges (Alternatives to CoinBase – Canada Friendly)

Sign Up For CoinSquare here:
Sign Up for QuadrigaCX here:

List of AMD & NVIDIA Cards HashRates/ Algos

GPU Crypto Mining:
Download Awesome Miner here:
And I use these Pools:

Price Analysis:

Exodus For your PC (Linux, Mac, Windows)
Web based wallet VERY low fees but only has BTC Ethereum And BitCoin Cash

Disclaimer – I do not offer financial or Tech advice.
I simply share my knowledge and experience with you folks and show you what I am doing, in hopes that some may benefit.


Email/ Google Chat – davetechca @ GMail .com

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