ICO Review WiryCoin – SMART Lending Platform Backed by Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining – On Sale Now

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Wirycoin developers had developed a lending platform called “SMART Lending” (Sustainable, Manageable, Accessible, Reliable, and Trustworthy). Interest from SMART lending will be generated from our BTC and ETH mining.
Wirycoin tokens is a medium of exchange that set a goal to be the future of currency that will increase number of users exponentially. The initial model of token usage can be used to purchase hash power and lending plans in which investors can earn return on investment 10-15% monthly. Revenue will generate from exchange service and cloud mining. Wirycoin mining farm is already built before ICO.

The purpose of Wirycoin ICO is to use funds to expand mining farm to build a business that convenient for investors and get paid fairly. Wirycoin hires exceptional team members with good system that accept both BTC and ETH payment.

Payouts will begin after ICO as planned on the roadmap. Payouts might be low and feel unfamiliar compare to other platforms on coin market. Wirycoin will pay according to reality with the confidence that return on investment will be better than conventional system such as fixed deposits or investment funds.

Wirycoin aims to do business with digital currency with limited supply of ERC20 tokens. Therefore it is ensure that tokens will increase in value from token usage in various businesses.

please invest at your own risk study carefully before investing i am not any financial advisor I will not be responsibe for an loss or any profit

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