👽The Truth About My Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory May Prove To Be True About Why Price Is So Low…😱

In this video

On June 22nd, 2018 I put out my theory on Bitmain being behind the cryptocurrency market collapse and why…

Is this proving to be true two months later with the announcement of an $18 billion dollar IPO?

How to play the next few days with Bitcoin:
1.) You can ladder in buys for a long position around $6,000-$6,100 (25%-50% position) to get in just in case it takes off with a stop loss below $5700.
2.) You can set a limit buy order at $6200 for a confirmed break of the new trading range and a potential short squeeze. (Add to your position with a breakout move)
3.) Set buy orders around $5850 – $5900 for the bounce for a triple bottom at $5800. (Reload your position for the bounce)
4.) Short Bitcoin if it breaks $5800 for a drop to $5400 or $5000.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think!


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