Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & Worker Co-Ops are way into the future – This is my idea for new Economic System

In this video

There are 2 systems that needs replacing:
– First the monetary system (Fiat & Central banking) which should be replaced with Bitcoin system, ie Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
– Second is Capitalist economic system which should be replaced with Worker Co-ops

Watch this video to see my idea of this new Economic System which can work for everyone and not just for the tiny minority.

That professor of economics I mentioned in the video, his name is Richard D. Wolff and this is his YouTube channel:

And this is why Capitalist business always like 7% (or more) profit increase… and keeping inflation low (and worker wages at best, follow inflation)… this is why Capitalists get so rich (yet they want to claim how they “help people by providing them jobs”… it is all a scam and way for them to control the world:

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