Bitcoin Law Review – SEC Show’s Teeth, Are ICO’s Securities, Ethics of Exchange Listings

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Topic 1: SEC’s Suspends Swiss Bitcoin & Ethereum ETN’s
Subtopic: More people are realizing that Hinman’s speech was more of an opinion on Ethereum’s status as a Security than fact:
Hinman Speech:

Topic 2: SEC Charges ICO Supperstore as Unregistered Broker-Dealer

Topic 3: Judge Rules ICO’s are Securities in US vs Zaslavskiy Case. (Fact or Fake News?) Fried.pdf

Topic 4: Ethics/Legality of Getting Crypto’s Listed on Exchanges:
The Picture that Manny Found (which seems a little unbelievable)
View story at
We can also bring up what is and isn’t manipulation as part of this topic:

Additional Highlights Time Permitting:
– CBOE is trying to launch Ethereum Futures:
– SEC loosening in restrictions on private deals:
– Ripple General Counsel Departs:

Ripple General Counsel Departs Cryptocurrency Firm Amid Class-Action Dispute over XRP

– Russian Extradition of a key member involved in BTC-e take down:

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