BTC Bull Flag & A Big Resistance Zone | Ethereum | Q&A “How To Be A Trader” & “Is BTC Manipulated?”

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Q&A Pt 2:
Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: In this vide I’ll show you why the Bitcoin price might go up in the short term, but coul run into problems in a resistance zone above. I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I will also do some Ethereum technical analysis and talk about the altcoins. Moreover, I will answer most of the questions I got yesterday for today’s Q&A. So, watch the video to hear my answers!

0:24 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
5:41 Ethereum Analysis
7:15 Questions & Answers
7:46 Altcoins if we breach 6k?
11:03 Investing vs speculating
13:15 Giant bear flag?
14:33 Is BTC manipulated?
15:47 How do I use moving averages?
17:00 How to be a trader?
18:11 Will some altcoins survive?
21:32 Exclusive Eth videos?
22:14 Do Bitmex shorts affect price?
23:56 Crypto in a stock market crash?
24:58 Some quick questions!
26:59 Why I use an earpiece?
28:31 MA vs. EMA?
29:33 Can Ripple moon?
30:20 More questions!

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