Coinbase CONFIRMS Ethereum Classic (ETC)!!! Surprised?

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👉Holy smokes. EVERYONE has been talking for MONTHS about which cryptocurrency asset Coinbase was going to add next. It’s been largely speculated that Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), or even 0x (ZRX) would likely be next in line.

Coinbase has already publicly stated that they have integrated ERC-20 Ethereum based token support – and that’s caused a ton of speculation. It was not known until now who coinbase was going to add, however I happened to catch Ethereum Classic (ETC) spiking on binance last night, wondering what was going on I obviously googled it and quickly learned that Coinbase was adding ETC as the next asset.

The floodgates of speculation have opened up and discussion is rampant on reddit, twitter, and the gamut of social media applications like telegram, discord, and facebook.

The next question is will they be adding more assets as the summer goes on, and is that going to coincide with the pending bull run that has been largely discussed since the big bitcoin (BTC) retracement happened back in January (losing 80% of its value, and still struggling to regain even 40% back).

Ethereum Classic (ETC) won’t be added to Coinbase until sometime next month, or in the coming months, as a date has yet to be specified. I expect to see continued price action as the date gets announced and even more so in the weeks/days prior to the actual integration. Continue to follow Crypto Review Central as we cover the hyper evolving cryptocurrency markets, and blockchain technology industry.

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