Penguins at the Beach Running, Jumping, and Playing in the Water + Sand!

In this video

Will my 2.5 year old daughter enjoy this penguin video featuring penguins at the beach running, jumping, and playing in the water and sand? I hope so because we have watched so many of the same videos of penguins at the zoo walking down stairs, penguins on a parade, penguins documentaries, and peguins diving into the water videos!

Next time we sit down on the couch, the moment of truth will come as we see whether my daughter will watch the whole video or skip to another video instead? Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the penguins in the video and the electronic music I made featuring my song #44 composed since starting music production in 2017!

Jerry Banfield

PS: To see how I made the video and what I use for my business online, will you please visit because there you will be happy in discovering all the resources I use to blog on Steem, produce videos, film online courses, and live stream?

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