Ripple #XRP – 7 Partners Ready to Use #xRapid – Why We Need To Proceed With Caution – IBM & WalMart

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In today’s video we have three articles to cover, the first two are surrounding #Ripple and #XRP, followed by an article detailing WalMart’s use of the #IBM #blockchain.

In the first article, out of the daily hodl, we take a look at 7 Ripple partners that are set to implement the xRapid technology.

1) Bittrex
2) Bitso
4) Mercury FX
5) SBI
6) Cuallix
7) Zip Remit

The above companies have all tested the xRapid technology with much seccess, and are set to go live in the near future.

In the second article, coming from Seeking Alpha, we discuss the need to proceed with caution when investing in Ripple’s XRP token.

The article points out the flaws associated with determining the market cap of a coin, as well as the price, as there are many variables taking place behind the scenes that have an affect.
The article then points out some of the issues and controversy surrounding Ripple and XRP. Namely, Their legal issues, regulatory concerns, technical concerns, and the whole issue of being a “distributed” ledger.
The biggest concern brought up in this article sheds light on the fact that, even though xRapid and XVIA utilize the XRP token, use of the token is not mandatory. This would be a massive blow to the community if the xRapid technology went live, and did not use the XRP token.

In the last article we cover breaking news that WalMart is making it mandatory for produce suppliers to partner with, and use, the IBM blockchain solution. This has stemmed from a recent E. coli outbreak that originated in lettuce grown in Arizona. The use of blockchain technology will provide the transparency comsumers have been demanding, and will provide a faster resolution to future outbreaks from contaminated food sources.


Confirmed: Ripple Now Has 7 Partners Ready to Use XRP-Powered Payment Solution xRapid

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