Ripple XRP: Predicting how the market will react when utility becomes reality

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XRP as a base currency. Weiss rating pushes XRP for bittrex. New exchanges adding XRP. California court ruling against Ryan Coffey, moving to the federal environment. SBI forward momentum and where the market is headed.

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Weiss Ratings on XRP:

Weiss Ratings Agrees XRP Should be A Base Currency On Binance adds XRP:

Ripple (XRP) Added on Popular Philippines Exchange Platform

Ripple Dismissed:

Rage Ripple Dismissed: Directional Verdict?

Apple Lawsuits

Here Is How Apple Has 20 Times More Lawsuits than Ripple, and its Stock is Still Worth $1 Trillion

Coffey Court papers:

India Blockchain:

All news and movement XRP:

Ripple’s XRP Coin Story, Most Recent News/Development and Future Price Predictions

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