Ripple XRP vs Coinbase the WAR Continues. We got the LAW on are side ..CKJ Crypto News

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My thoughts on why XRP Has not been added to Coinbase or Gemini .
Ripple XRP vs Coinbase the WAR Continues.
We got the LAW on are side Big Ben Lawsky

Consumer Alert: Coinbase Exchange ‘Not Regulated or Licensed’ in California, NY
spokesman for New York State Department of Financial Services Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky said, Coinbase has no license to operate in the state. Lawsky is best known for his New York BitLicense proposal, which has seen much criticism from the Bitcoin community.
BitLicense Architect Ben Lawsky Joins Ripple Board
My thoughts are Coinbase and gemini Exchange are still upset about Regulation and big Ben Lawsky joining Ripple board ..

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