Use PHD Slider, Mule Kick, Winter’s Wail, Bandolier Bandit + Deadshot at Level 6 w/ Secret Sauce

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Get any perk combination in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 zombies by level 6 with Secret Sauce 4x on Odin, Zeus, Ra, and Danu perk slots including PHD Slider, Mule Kick, Winter’s Wail, Bandolier Bandit, Deadshot Dealer, and Victorious Tortoise all available as soon as we reach rank 6 in BO4 zombies on PC, Xbox, or Playstation! Any combination of perks is possible just by rebuying Secret Saucer until the desired combination is reached. For best results, use after taste to perk losing the perks after a down because any lost need to be rerolled again. Here is a full list of the perks can be used with Secret Sauce and combined on any zombie map including IX, Blood of the Dead, Voyage of Despair, Classified, and any BO4 DLC!

Timeslip – Your equipment’s cooldown rate is increased, and the Mystery Box and Pack-a-Punch generated weapons appear faster.
Quick Revive – Revive players faster, and reduces delay before you regenerate health.
Death Perception – See nearby enemies through walls, and receive an indicator when enemies approach you from offscreen.
Stamin-Up – Increased movement and sprint speed.
Electric Burst – Reloading causing an electrical discharge, and the more empty the magazine, the more powerful the burst.
Dying Wish – Instead of going into a downed mode, you go berserk for 9 seconds, where your melee damage is increased, and you’re left with 1 health point once the period is over.
Stone Cold Stronghold – Standing still creates a defensive circle which boosts damage and armor over time, while inside.
Secret Sauce (Level 6) – Receive a random Perk, that isn’t already assigned to another slot.
Victorious Tortoise (Level 14) – Shields block damage from all directions when held, and triggers an explosion when the shield is broken.
Deadshot Dealer (Level 18) – Aiming down sights snaps to the enemy’s head, and reduces scope sway and recoil from firing from the hip.
Bandolier Bandit (Level 26) – Carry increased ammunition.
Winter’s Wail (Level 30) – When hit, generate a frost explosion that freezes or slows down nearby enemies. Holds two charges.
Mule Kick (Level 38) – Carry one additional primary weapon.
PHD Slider (Level 42) – Slide to build up a charge, and when full, slide into an enemy to trigger an explosion.

Thank you for reading this Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 zombies tutorial and guide which I hope was helpful for you in using your favorite perks faster! I live stream daily on Facebook gaming at

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