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All the latest bitcoin news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of bitcoin.com, Jake Smith and Mike Malley.

This episode discusses the Robinhood app adding bitcoin cash, wechat’s users can now seamlessly send bitcoin cash, developer.bitcoin.com launching tools to set the stage for huge development on bch & more. Full show notes below.

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Show Notes

► Robinhood enables Bitcoin Cash on their platform – Big thanks to CTO of Bitcoin.com Emil Oldenburg, and the new lead of Developer.Bitcoin.com Gabriel Cardona.

https://blog.robinhood.com/news/2018/7/12/litecoin-and-bitcoin-cash-now-o n-robinhood-crypto

► CashPay enables Spend & Replace – This new app has released the ability for Bitcoin Cash users to spend their Bitcoin and replace it on the fly with Coinbase integration


► CashShuffle is almost ready for beta – They’ve performed a successful shuffle on their alpha already and are looking for more testers.

Cash Shuffle brings back more fungibility to Bitcoin Cash. Thanks to Jonald_Fyookball, Josh From Coinbase (Zquestz), Wecx, and Imaginary_Username.


►Coins 4 Clothes – They collect Bitcoin Cash (BCH) donations from all over the world, which they use to purchase gently used clothing from everyday people in the community


@Coins4Clothes on twitter

► https://developer.bitcoin.com
Introducing Bitcoin.com’s new BitcoinCash developer platform developer.bitcoin.com

Includes Developer Tooling, Developer Education, Blockchain documentation and more. We want to enable developers from all over the world to learn about Bitcoin Cash and learn how to develop on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

► Huge list of tools / apps on Bitcoin Cash – Interested in checking out projects that are already out in the wild and using Bitcoin Cash:


► https://chaintrend.org Launches OP_Return analytics tool

► https://Fifa2018.cash

► Satoshi Doodles has finished it’s set of #100daysofsatoshidoodles

Follow @satoshidoodles on twitter!

► https://Tutanota.com
An end-to-end encrypted email service – begins accepting Bitcoin Cash. Let’s see if Protonmail.com – their main competitor follows suit!

►Bitcoin Cash wallet on WeChat – WeChat, the most popular chat app in China with almost 1 billion monthly active users, recently received a Bitcoin Cash wallet that allows on chain transactions directly through chats.

https://www.ddpurse.com/ for more information. Currently Chinese only at the moment, but there’s talk of this also coming to Line app as well

► Get huge amazon discounts using Bitcoin Cash on https://purse.io

► Andreas Antonopoulos critique

Replace “Lightning Network” with “Bitcoin” in this @aantonop quote and it becomes a direct argument in favor of on-chain scaling and #BitcoinCash.

► Economics in One Lesson – Henry Hazlitt

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